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Welcome to Ethical Forestry

If you are considering investing, either for a savings plan or for children or grandchildren, it may be worth considering our high-return timber investments. 

As market leaders within our sector, it is reassuring to know that we only specialise in sustainable forestry development and have a proven track record for growing, harvesting and delivering investors their projected returns. 

We own all our plantations unencumbered, employ the finest approved forestry engineers to manage them and with investors have created a Forestry Easement Trust that protects thousands of acres of natural forest.

We recognise that we cannot have a healthy and growing business unless the communities we serve are healthy and sustainable. To this end, we are committed to a strict ethical and sustainable code of practice, giving environmentally conscious investors the reassurance that their investments are growing in safe hands.

How our investments work

When you invest with Ethical Forestry, you create your own sustainable timber plantation, grown for the purpose of creating an ecologically friendly wood source.

During the term of your investment, your trees are nurtured and cared for by our approved forestry engineers who also manage the harvesting of your trees, which produce your returns.

You get full control over the management and cropping of your trees, which are registered on your behalf in an agricultural lien against the plantation until the final tree is harvested.

A typical investment

A typical one-off investment of £21,000 invested over 12 years is projected to return £74,734 with the following payouts: year 4 £4,050; year 8 £11,234; year 10 £14,734; year 12 £44,716.*

No further investment is required.

Other popular investment amounts and projected returns

We can also tailor our products to suit an individual’s requirements. The chart below shows popular investment amounts and the respective projected cumulative returns.


Invest with specialists

As our name suggests, we specialise in ethical and sustainable timber investments. This has allowed us to grow our reputation as the UK’s leading forestry investment provider.

We are here to help

Whether investing in forestry is new to you or something you are familiar with, you will no doubt have many questions about what we do, which we are keen to answer. To find out more about our timber investments, please contact us using the number above. Alternatively, why not request a copy of our timber investment guide?

*The projection provided is for information purposes only and is based on our assessment of the amount of timber that can be grown and the market price, as explained in our brochure, following an investment in Melina over 12 years. Actual returns will depend on the yield produced and the market price at the time of harvest. Actual returns may be higher or lower than projected and any returns may be subject to additional costs and liabilities such as tax, which have not been factored in to our projections.