Welcome to Ethical Forestry

Our forestry investments offer attractive returns and environmental benefits for future generations

Investing in forestry (and ultimately timber) for profit is not a new concept. Financial institutions, hedge fund managers and trusts have invested in forestry for years and produced consistent long-term profits for themselves and investors.

Forestry investments are popular because they produce timber, a commodity constantly in demand the world over. They also offer steady, stable increases with predictably high returns.

Ethical Forestry has created forestry investments accessible to all levels, whether via cash, pension fund or family trust. Our bespoke solution service allows investors to select an investment that fits their individual requirements, allowing them to plan for their future.

We pride ourselves on the security we offer our investors. It’s reassuring to know we own all of our plantations, grant each investor cropping rights in respect of their plot of land and provide them with unique GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates for each of their trees.

We know that investing for profit and having a clear conscience are important factors for today’s environmentally aware investor. For this reason, our investments have been developed to offer both. By investing with Ethical Forestry, investors benefit from positive returns whilst helping to alleviate the pressure on the world’s natural rainforests.