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Forestry Easement Trust and Danto Amarillo



The Forestry Easement Trust is our specialist program for protecting rare trees and wildlife, and covers more than a third of our 5,959 acres of plantations. 

Access to Capital



Recent research from Countrywide plc has revealed that between 2004 and 2013 the proportion of new population growth in London jumped from 25% to 45%.   In reaction to this, house builders have followed employment and population growth by building 36% of all new build properties either in London or the South East, pushing figures up from 26% in early 2000. There is an evident level of confidence from the building industry, supporting increasing buying trends in the capital, something also reflected in our recent report – the Ethical Forestry Homebuyer Index (EFHI) 

An alternative point of view from the Ethical Forestry Homebuyer Index



A recent report from The British Bankers’ Association (BBA) has stated that the UK property market is likely to keep growing strongly.  The figures reveal that total mortgage lending by its members was 38% higher this January than 12 months ago.  The BBA also reveals that the number of mortgages approved was 57% up on a year earlier.  However, this figure relays to mortgages approved, not lent.

Ethical Forestry launches The Ethical Forestry Homebuyer Index



We’re delighted to announce the launch of the Ethical Forestry Homebuyer Index (EFHI), our first research report of 2014.

The Importance and Widespread Use of Timber



Unsurprisingly, everyone at Ethical Forestry is passionate about timber. In the office recently, we read an article in The Guardian on another company’s love for the material. That company is Ikea. The article states that in just one year, the Swedish furniture giant used an incredible “13.56 million cubic metres of solid wood and wood-based board materials, not including paper and packaging” meaning Ikea alone uses almost 1% of all wood used commercially around the world. 

Family values



Throughout all our global operations, the family unit is central to our ethos, not only in our work on each of our plantations, but also in our service offer as a whole. But our commitment to the family extends beyond what we’re doing in the here and now – it’s a means of safeguarding a brighter future for generations to come.

The Homes Bought with Timber research report



This year, we will be developing a series of in-depth research reports, delving deeper into the topics and issues facing current, and possible investors throughout the UK.  The first of these is currently under development, The Homes Bought with Timber Report.

Our sustainable plantations and processes



Our plantations are the very core of our business.  We independently own and manage 11 different plantations – covering nearly 6,000 acres throughout Costa Rica. 

2013 – A year to celebrate progression



As the year comes to a close, we wanted to take a look back at 2013 and celebrate what has been a momentous, enjoyable and successful 12 months.  This year has exemplified our passion for consistently reinvesting into the future of the company and everyone we work with.

A time of year for all the family



Family is at the root of everything we do at Ethical Forestry.  Each and every one of our plantations is at the heart of our value system, as are the individuals and families that safeguard and nurture their growth. The value of our commitment to the Ethical Forestry team resonates throughout each of our 11 plantations, made evident by the care and attention that is in turn given to each tree. A happy and protected workforce is reflected by our strong and healthy plantations, which in turn, ensures a sustainable and growing investment model.