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The most famous tree of all time?



As readers will know, we like trees.  And around this time of year, we love the fact that for many families throughout the world – a tree takes centre stage. Yet, have you ever asked where this tradition comes from? 

Our beautiful 2014 Calendar is soon to reach our investors



As 2013 draws to a close, we’re excited to release our new 2014 Ethical Forestry Calendar, which is – as always – packed with stunning wildlife photography. This time we thought it would be nice to only include animals of Costa Rica, many of which inhabit our protected zones.

Our Plantation Management Methods



Being ethical with your investments is about two things: getting a financial return on your money and giving something back.

“Growing up fast” - The development of Chimurria



Covering 1050.95 acres, Chimurria is an impressive plantation. A little over one and a half years’ old, it is certainly ‘growing up fast’.  Indeed, in the first 11 months alone, the average height of the Melina trees grew from saplings to over 17.5 feet.

Bat study reveals the health of our protected zones



Within the protected zones of our Forestry Easement Trust, there’s an abundance of diverse and fascinating wildlife. Some endangered, others common, but all crucial to a healthy ecosystem.

The demand for timber investments



Where are you right now? Sitting on a chair in your kitchen? Surrounded by paper?

The value of timber



Investing is all about return and, as every investor knows, return is essentially a factor of supply and demand. 

Supply and demand can be hard to pin down with abstract investments such as equities, but the need for timber has been evident for thousands of years.

Fruit export is big business



Go into virtually any supermarket in Europe or America and you will find crates of pineapples and bananas exported from Costa Rica.

Plantation management



When thinking about your investment, what’s the most important thing to you?

If you’re like most investors, then no doubt getting your money back and generating a good return is high on your list. We understand that investing in an asset half way around the world requires a level of trust and we take that responsibility seriously. 

What Does Melina Mean to Us?


Ethical Forestry What Does Melina Mean To Us

For our very first, fully-fledged post we’d like to introduce you to the most important element of our business: trees. Specifically, Melina. Our investment model is based on the planting, cultivation and harvesting of Melina over a 12-year process that nurtures the trees from seed through to saleable timber. Over the investment cycle, the trees grow taller and thicker, gaining value year-on-year. The trees require regular thinning harvests at years 4, 8, 10 and 12, encouraging the stronger, more valuable trees to flourish. At each harvest, the investor receives their return.