Forestry Easement Trust fact file



Trees are our business, and as well as planting, growing and harvesting commercial trees for our investors, we also protect the precious wild species we discover on our land. One such example is the bold and beautiful Corteza amarilla.

With its incredibly bright canopy, the Corteza amarilla stands up to 50 metres tall, its trunk up to 1.5 metre in diameter. This is yet another magnificent species protected under our Forestry Easement Trust.

You won’t be surprised to learn that the Corteza amarilla’s spectacular blossom has made it famous throughout Central America. But with the display of large yellow flowers only lasting 4-5 days in the dry season, its performance is short but sweet.

It’s not just the canopy that’s golden. The tissue below the old bark of the tree’s limbs can be bright yellow, which explains the name ‘Corteza amarilla’, meaning ‘yellow bark’ in Spanish.

Another striking feature of this species is its fruits. At 25-60cm long, the pods make for an impressive sight. And when they mature and dry, they release a display of small, white, winged seeds, which form a ‘carpet’ on the surrounding ground. 

With 2,173 acres within our Forestry Easement Trust, the list of tree species we protect goes on. The Corteza amarilla is just one example, and we hope you agree that it’s truly a sight to behold.