Frequently asked questions


Can my trees be uniquely identified?

Yes – each of your trees is issued a unique GPS coordinate indicating where each tree is located.

Who owns the trees?

As the tree owner, you own the trees and the cropping rights.

What reports will I receive?

If you select EF Forestry Management Limited to care for and maintain your trees, you will receive our Care & Maintenance Reports detailing any recommendations, such as when a harvest should be undertaken. As the tree owner, you decide whether you wish to follow the recommendations or not.

Can I visit the plantations?

Yes – many tree owners travel to Costa Rica to meet our management team, see their trees and tour our operations. If you are considering a visit please contact our Customer Care Department who can help you with your arrangements.

When will the first harvest take place?

As the tree owner you decide when to harvest your trees. However, the first harvest is normally in the fourth or fifth year after field planting, but will depend on many variables such the individual growth profiles of your trees, our forestry engineers’ recommendations and your personal preferences..

What happens if EF Forestry Management Limited cannot procure a buyer for my trees?

EF Forestry Management Limited will use its reasonable endeavours to procure a buyer.  However, in the event that we cannot do so, we are not obliged to buy your trees ourselves and you may receive no income from those trees.

Can I exit my tree ownership early?

Yes – you can choose to harvest or sell your trees at any time.

Does Costa Rica suffer from hurricanes?

Technically, Costa Rica is situated in the hurricane belt. However, due to it being so far south, it is extremely rare that hurricanes are a problem.

How can diseases be mitigated?

If you select our Care & Maintenance Service and our forestry engineers feel disease may be an issue, we will send you a Care & Maintenance Report recommending appropriate action.

If you have any additional questions or general enquiries, please contact us using the number below. Alternatively, you can send us an email using