Managing Your Trees

Our Care & Maintenance Service is operated by approved forestry engineers who provide each tree owner with bespoke, in-depth Care & Maintenance Reports. The reports provide updates on their trees and any forestry engineer’s recommendations, such as, for example, when pruning or harvesting should be considered. Using these reports, the tree owner is able to manage their trees and inform us of what work they would like to be undertaken on their trees or not.

Within each report are the following sections; 

Section 1: ‘Observations on your lot’.

This section provides information on the status of the tree owner’s trees.

Section 2: Forestry Engineers Recommendations.

This section lists any recommended works to be undertaken on the tree owner’s trees. As the owner of the trees, the tree owner can choose whether they accept the forestry engineer’s recommendations or not. 

Section 3: Care & Maintenance Fees Statement.

This section provides a full statement of activity undertaken on the tree owner’s trees.

Section 4: Harvest Report

If a forestry engineer recommends a harvest this section will provide details of the harvest and if applicable, any proceeds.

Section 5: Harvesting Options

This section allows the tree owner to inform us of their harvesting decision/s – if applicable.

Section 6: Payment Options

The tree owner informs us as to where they would like their funds to be paid. If the trees are owned in a SIPP, the funds will be paid into that pension account.

Section 7: Important information

Terms associated with signing the form.

Section 8: Signature box

Where the tree owner signs to authorise what they have selected within the form.


Requesting Additional Works

Tree owner’s can request additional works to be carried out on their trees at any time and can do so by using our Additional Maintenance Request Form available from our download page.


Extending Cropping Rights

If a tree owner wishes to extend the term of their Cropping Rights they can do so by completing our Cropping Rights Extension Form available from our download page.


How to change Care & Maintenance/Harvesting Companies 

Tree owners have total control of their trees. As such, they have the right to appoint a third party maintenance company to care for and maintain their trees at any time. They also have the right to appoint a different harvesting company to harvest their trees. If a tree owner wishes to appoint a third party maintenance or harvesting company, they can find a guide to ‘finding approved forestry engineers in Costa Rica’.  To notify us they can use our Forestry Manager Transfer Form available from our download page.