The passion of our Workers’ Cooperative



Sustainability, by the very nature of our offer, is a fundamental pillar of our operation both in Costa Rica, and the UK. Central to the protection and development of multiple eco-systems and bio-diversity measures throughout the forests in our care, is the team that drives this very activity. Therefore, a significant part of our sustainability programme is our Workers’ Cooperative – an initiative we developed in order to create and maintain a healthy, self-sufficient food source for our workers in Costa Rica.   

Run by our employees, the workers plant, manage and tend the land, and look after the crops. This, in turn, creates a reliable, high-quality food source - the primary objective of the Cooperative. Upon the sale of these goods, all funds are reinvested into even more, improved facilities – reinforcing the Ethical Forestry drive for sustainable living.  

The Workers’ Cooperative is very important to not just our staff members around the world, but to many of our investors as well. This is certainly the case for Brenda Lawson, who said:

“I was very impressed with the whole set up and particularly liked the allotments dedicated to growing vegetables for the workforce – an initiative called ‘The Workers’ Cooperative”.

Brenda owns Ambleside Bed & Breakfast in Tetbury, the Cotswolds, and just like us, is passionate about sustainability. The B&B has solar panels to heat the water, a wood-burning stove, and where possible, breakfasts are made using local, organic ingredients. Although Brenda was first attracted to alternative investments because of a “particularly sluggish stock market” she turned to Ethical Forestry because it “ticked several boxes”. Brenda, who visited Costa Rica to see the beautiful surroundings and wildlife stated:

“It was quite a thrill to see the plantation on which my trees are growing and also witness the incredible growth stages of the Melina.”

The Workers’ Cooperative, coupled with our ethos of offering the best working conditions, productive wages and staff education possible, ensues a healthy and growing business, driven by a community of workers who receive the best support we can provide.  We’re delighted that many of our investors, such as Brenda, are as passionate about sustainability as we are.

To find out more about our sustainability programme, including the Workers’ Cooperative, please contact one of the Ethical Forestry team, on 0800 0753010