Ethical Forestry's image Gallery


San Carlos nursery

From seed to sapling. See how we grow new trees using the finest seeds and silviculture practices.

Field Planting

Witness the journey of our new trees as they pass from the nursery to the plantations and are allocated individual GPS coordinates.

Plantation growth

We’re proud of the excellent growth rates we achieve. Here you can see a selection of images of our plantations, in particular, the development of our Chimurria Melina plantation, from the saplings being planted to the 20 feet high trees one year on.

Care and management

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of tree care. Here we share how we do it.


Harvesting trees is an integral part of sustainable forestry management. Here we share the experience with you.

San Carlos timber mill

See how our timber mill processes harvested sustainable trees and turns them into our range of wood products for sale to our domestic and overseas markets.

Supporting the community

How we integrate and support the communities in which we operate is of paramount importance to us. Here are some examples of what we do.

Our Plantations

Here you can explore the plantation maps, showing where they are situated in Costa Rica, their size and the protected zones within them.