Protecting Forests

After you harvest your last tree, the land is placed within our Forestry Easement Trust, which helps protect the natural forests, the wildlife within them and in turn reduces greenhouse gases


By purchasing trees from us, you are supporting a company that takes significant steps towards creating a better world for current and future generations.

The forests we protect in our Forestry Easement Trust take in vast quantities of carbon dioxide through the process of sequestration, helping to reduce CO2 within our atmosphere and produce clean air.

Once your investment has ended, the land is placed within our Forestry Easement Trust.

The focus of our Forestry Easement Trust is to:

1. Create carbon sinks by planting new forests that absorb CO2.

2. Purchase existing wild forests adjacent to our plantations, protecting them and the wide range of biodiversity within them.

3. Develop wildlife corridors that connect existing forests.

4. Create alternative energy sources by researching and developing crops for energy and biomass production, thus helping to relieve the pressure on traditional energy sources such as oil.