Supporting Worldwide Forestry Conservation



At Ethical Forestry we welcome any news about worldwide conservation efforts. An integral element of our ethos is dedicated to protecting and preserving rainforests for future generations – our Forestry Easement Trust. Our passion for sustainable forestry led us to some very reassuring news stories this week, featured in Blue & Green Tomorrow, which highlighted some tremendous efforts already in place to protect the planet’s much-needed forests. 

Although we are based in Costa Rica, it is encouraging to learn that initiatives are pushing for forestry restoration projects on other shores. In the news this week, it was announced that Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) alongside WWF and stakeholders have increased efforts to clean up the paper company’s supply chain and rehabilitate natural habitats in Indonesian forests. The firm revealed plans to restore a forestry area equivalent to the size of a plantation previously used by the company for pulp fibre. The first step of the initiative will specifically target a wildlife corridor in Jambi, Sumatra, in order to shield it from the threat of illegal deforestation activity. 

This fantastic announcement was followed by news of another sustainable partnership in operation between leading financial firm JPMorgan Chase and the Nature Conservancy. Established in order to raise awareness about the importance of environmentally conscious investments, the NatureVest program aims to promote a mainstream market for ecological conservation. 

President and Chief Executive of The Nature Conservancy, Mark Tercek said of the venture:  

“NatureVest is a natural extension of The Nature Conservancy’s work – it will open up entirely new avenues for investments that protect nature. By bringing together leaders in natural resource management and investment, we will unlock new sources of capital to deliver important conservation results.” 

Tercek continued to highlight that nature protection efforts are in need of significant investment, with an estimated $290 billion (£172 billion) required to support conservation on a global scale. According to the report, governments, charities and philanthropists contribute the majority of the current investment in conservation. Although JPMorgan Chase has already provided an initial investment of $5 million (£2.9 million) into the program, NatureVest’s long-term objective is to increase the level of private support. 

At Ethical Forestry, not only are we passionate about preserving the forests in our Forestry Easement Trust, but also about promoting the stability of the planet’s trees and the wealth of wildlife they hold. To find out more about our sustainability efforts or anything at all about our operations in Costa Rica, please call one of the team on 0800 075 3010.