ONF - Timber market report

Official facts and figures produce positive reports

Published in our Summer 2013 newsletter


As the leading provider of sustainable timber investments, it’s vital we get the trends and statistics surrounding our industry from a dependable and reliable source. Costa Rica’s National Forestry Office (ONF) is just that.

Equivalent to the UK’s Forestry Commission, the ONF is Costa Rica’s leading authority on its woodland.

Their primary task is to provide forestry statistics to MINAET (the Costa Rican Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications).

To do this, the organisation collects data from hundreds of sources within the country, enabling them to compile a reliable report on the country’s performance.

With an emphasis on protecting, expanding and promoting the sustainable management of Costa Rica’s woodlands, the ONF also works to increase the country’s market value, ensuring profitability is at its best.

The ONF distributes national and international information about timber markets, costs, prices, trends, buyers and more. Which is why as growers of many of the country’s most popular timber species, we make sure we’re always up to speed with their latest reports.