Timber roundtable delivering a much-needed message



We wholeheartedly support any initiative that recognises the importance of timber. We were delighted to learn this week that Wood for Good, the UK’s campaign for wood promotion and sustainability, hosted a roundtable policy debate at the House of Commons at the end of March. The roundtable was organised with one goal in mind – to raise awareness of timber’s value as a sustainable construction material.  The message delivered was one we whole-heartedly support, emphasising the sustainable credentials of this valuable resource, beyond those of its construction led value.

Key invitees at the series of discussions included MPs from all parties including representatives of the UK construction industry. Timber Trade Federation chief executive, John White was in attendance, as was Wood for Good campaign director David Hopkins. Scheduled as the first in a series of roundtables – each targeting a different sector within the timber industry – the pro-timber campaigners delivered a number of excellent points.  

Mr Hopkins, said: “The sector has a great story to tell in terms of its potential contribution to improving the overall built environment, in particular by reducing construction carbon emissions through embodied carbon in building materials and the energy efficiency of finished structures. As buoyancy returns to the market it is imperative we get our message across." 

Everyone at Ethical Forestry is passionate about timber.  We understand the benefits of the material’s ecological attributes, yet we also recognise the importance of ensuring construction industries around the world are made aware of these values. A renewable and energy efficient material, timber has excellent insulation properties whilst remaining incredibly sturdy for construction. We believe these attributes make the use of timber imperative to the construction industry in the UK and worldwide.