UK’s Largest Timber Building Launched



In recent weeks, the team at Ethical Forestry has enjoyed reading and sharing the latest news around the growing popularity and ever-increasing awareness of the use of timber in construction.  On 24th April, perhaps the most indicative story on the growing timber industry on our own shores was announced – the UK’s largest timber building opened.

The William Perkin High School, in Greenford, West London officially opened, and as a result, became the UK’s largest timber building.  The complex, worth an impressive £19million, was built from 3,800m3 of cross-laminated timber and includes a sports hall, 750-seat performance auditorium and central atrium which runs the full height of the building.

The vast timber construction was originally planned as a concrete frame, however, Gavin White, associate structural engineer for Ramboll – the engineers and designers behind the build – was quoted on Timber Trades Journal as saying:

"Even with snow on the ground and delivery restrictions from the surrounding residential area, the majority of the CLT structure was assembled in only 19 weeks. This is because CLT can be put up in any weather or temperature, and with a much smaller and less intrusive delivery schedule than concrete."

"Internally the timber also forms a key design feature for the school - with both the sports hall and the building's sunlit central atrium showcasing this bright, natural material."

The construction of this school building champions all the attributes of timber, including its affordability, its durability and the material’s aesthetic qualities. To find out more about our operations, please call 0800 075 3010.