Working together

Self-sufficiency through our Workers’ Co-operative

Published in our Summer 2013 newsletter


As part of our sustainability programme, we’ve launched our Workers’ Co-operative. Designed to create and maintain a healthy, self-sufficient and sustainable food source for our workers, we aim to significantly improve quality of life by providing them with the facilities and means to thrive.

Supplying the co-operative with land, seeds, facilities, livestock and materials, the initiative is supported by Ethical Forestry but run by our employees. 

Workers plant, manage and tend the land, crops and animals, giving them a reliable, high-quality food source that is local to them. The funds generated from the sale of the goods are then reinvested into further facilities, reinforcing the initiative’s inherent sustainability.

The Workers’ Co-operative includes: 

  • A continual reinvestment programme ensuring infrastructure growth
  • Adding nursery loop tunnels to continue growing crops throughout the rainy season 
  • The development of a free range chicken enclosure housing approx. 250 chickens producing approx. 225 eggs per day and 500 cubic metres of droppings per annum to be used for compost production
  • The growing of vegetables such as corn, cassava, plantain, tomatoes, peppers and green beans, as well as fruit such as passion fruit and papaya
  • The Workers’ Co-operative, coupled with our ethos of offering the best working conditions, good wages and staff education is testament to our belief that we cannot have a healthy and growing business unless our community of workers is receiving the best support we can give them.