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Celebrating a prestigious award

Gaining respect and trust within our industry is incredibly important to us. So when we won the highest possible rating for the Leer es Vivir Award, we were over the moon.

Ethical Forestry Leer es Vivir Award

This prestigious award, which translates as ‘Reading is Living’, takes a survey of professors, high achieving students and the students’ parents, asking them who they personally regard as model companies. 

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Keeping abreast of industry developments

Why sponsoring Costa Rica’s forestry conferences is important


As a major forestry company in Costa Rica, it’s important we maintain a close relationship with the country’s authorities on its woodlands, including the National Forestry Office (ONF), Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) and the National Forestry Financing Fund (FONAFIFO). Together, these organisations protect, expand and promote the sustainable management of Costa Rica’s forests, as well as ensure the timber market is fair, profitable and ethical.

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Exportation heats up

New kiln facility boosts pallet production


Back in our Autumn 2013 newsletter, we informed our customers about our new kiln for the heat-treatment of our pallets for exportation. Since then, we’ve been working hard to integrate the new infrastructure into our operations, and we’re pleased to report that our kiln is now in full swing.

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The Bigger Picture

Monitoring deforestation on a global scale


The importance of the world’s forests is indisputable. They are, quite simply, central to our survival. But understanding in detail the effects of deforestation on our global forests is no easy task, especially when it comes to country-to-country comparison.

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The Ethical Forestry Homebuyer Index

Executive Summary


Since the crash of 2008, the UK housing market has been analysed in considerable detail. In a recent report from property website, Rightmove, “asking prices for homes in Britain saw their biggest ever rise for the December-January period”.

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The road to success...

How we build great plantations


We’d like to introduce you to our recent plantation acquisition, San Andrés. At 843 acres in total, we’ve identified 553 acres of plantable land and placed 290 acres into our Forestry Easement Trust. But, far from simply purchasing land and then planting trees, we go through rigorous procedures to transform every plantation into professional commercial forestry land.

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2013 Plantation update

New plantations, new protected land and new photo opportunities…


As we purchase more plantations, our Forestry Easement Trust continues to grow. And as our Forestry Easement Trust grows, we’re given more opportunities to document its wildlife with stunning photography, which is our chance to create a pictorial story we know our investors are keen to see.

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New kiln boosts our export trade

The exportation of pallets is an integral part of our operations


As part of our continuous investment into Ethical Forestry infrastructure and development, we’ve recently purchased a new kiln for the treatment of our pallets for exportation. This new addition to our operations will boost our pallet export trade significantly, providing yet another robust exit route for our products.

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ONF - Timber market report

Official facts and figures produce positive reports


As the leading provider of sustainable timber investments, it’s vital we get the trends and statistics surrounding our industry from a dependable and reliable source.

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Working together

Self-sufficiency through our Workers’ Co-operative


As part of our sustainability programme, we’ve launched our Workers’ Co-operative. Designed to create and maintain a healthy, self-sufficient and sustainable food source for our workers, we aim to significantly improve quality of life by providing them with the facilities and means to thrive.

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